Introducing Our Newest Design Inspiration: Reclaimed Redwood Wall Skins From Northern California


our finest product

Reclaimed Redwood Wall Skins

We are proud to offer this pre-planed and pre-edged reclaimed wood wall skin material, perfectly color matched in gray or brown, that will make a dramatic accent to your home or your business. Our wood comes straight from the Redwoods of Northern California.

Custom Wall Skins In Action

Product Details


Pre-planed to 1/4" thickness for a balanced coherent look

Edged to a consistent 5" width so there are no gaps between rows

Boards are color matched into 25 sq. feet per bundle, with beautiful brown & gray blends

Pricing & Installation

Our reclaimed wood wall skins represent an amazing value at only $6.00/SF for these pre-planed pre-edged wall skins in beautiful grey/brown color tones

Installation is available and starts at $6.00/SF for simple straight wall cladding

Installation varies according to total square footage, wall conditions, site location and number of corners and complexity of project.